Redding Roadhouse Plans To Close Forever After 30 Years

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Tenants of Redding Roadhouse announced Tuesday the restaurant will close on Saturday.
Tenants of Redding Roadhouse announced Tuesday the restaurant will close on Saturday. Photo Credit: Tom Renner
Redding Roadhouse, which has been in business for 30 years, is set to close on Saturday.
Redding Roadhouse, which has been in business for 30 years, is set to close on Saturday. Photo Credit: Tom Renner

REDDING, Conn. – The Redding Roadhouse will close its doors Saturday after three decades in business, according to an announcement Tuesday made via Constant Contact.

“We have have tried to negotiate with our landlords but have been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with them," the tenants said in a Constant Contact note to customers. "Accordingly, without a new arrangement, the unfortunate results are the closure of a small business, the demise of an iconic restaurant and Redding landmark, and most importantly, the loss of 30 jobs.”

The restaurant has been in business for 30 years, according to the Constant Contact message.

Ted Stonebely, his wife, Colleen Cook, and her brother, Wirt Cook, took over as proprietors of the Roadhouse in July 2012.

The Stonebelys, formerly of Westport, live in Weston. Wirt’s wife, Karen, was also part of the group that took over management of the restaurant. “It’s getting a facelift and update,’’ Ted Stonebely told the Daily Voice in 2012.

The management supported the local economy by purchasing from area businesses and working with partnerships with Mark Twain Library, local schools and other civic organizations, they said.

The restaurant will be open at 4 p.m. every day for the rest of the week. There will be live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The note on Constant Contact also said remaining inventory will be donated to the Connecticut Food Bank and other pantries in the area.

The restaurant was popular with Redding residents, but also drew patrons from Bethel, Danbury, Ridgefield, Easton, Weston, Wilton, Norwalk and Westport. The restaurant’s Oktoberfest celebration drew wide support.

The announcement of the closure drew an outcry on Facebook from the restaurant's supporters.

"This is devastating. Glad I was able to eat there tonight and again on Saturday, but Redding will never be the same," one patron said. Read the comments on the Roadhouse Facebook page.

For now, however, the restaurant will be vacant after Saturday.

“Once again, we want to thank all our friends, neighbors, patrons and coworkers for their support and loyalty through these years,’’ the note from Constant Contact said.

Read the full note on Constant Contact online.

The Redding Roadhouse is located at 406 Redding Road, Route 53, near Hill Road. Call 203-938-3388 for more information. 

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Comments (10)

Nice people. Food was crap.

If they worked the place for 2 years, the landlord should have given them a longer lease. Was he playing them and consequently the employees?

They had a very long lease. They just couldn't make it. The concept, delivery, management just wasn't a great fit for the town and the times. We (the landlords who are just people too) will try to bring it back to life ASAP. This "closing forever" thing is simply not true. Honestly!

Thanks for the clarification. I hope it works out for the next guy. The Little Pub in Wilton has a similar theme and is doing well but it does have the advantage of higher traffic count. It is a tough business.

Good luck.

Complete turnkey restaurant and bar facility ... They will rent it to some one who will run another restaurant and be able to pay more rent.

Who are the landlords? And what do they plan to do with the site when the RR closes?

The"landlords" are Redding neighbors who have worked to bring this property back to life for 30 years. We love this property and hope we can find a more experienced local restauranteur to bring the business back to it's former fun self! This announced closure is a just operators failed to attract enough business. If you are i the biz, get in touch. We really want the Roadhouse to be better than ever. That's a promise.

sooooo sad