Where New Canaan Drivers Can Find Cheapest Gas

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The average price for a gallon of gas in Connecticut has risen nearly 30 cents in the last month, GasBuddy says.
The average price for a gallon of gas in Connecticut has risen nearly 30 cents in the last month, GasBuddy says. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly, File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - With gas becoming more expensive again from Greenwich to Norwalk to Danbury, below is a list of stations with the cheapest prices in Fairfield County as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the website GasBuddy.com

Connecticut, with an average cost of $3.96 per gallon, has the fifth most costly gas in the United States. Connecticut's average price per gallon has risen nearly 30 cents in the past month, GasBuddy says.

The average in Connecticut was $3.84 a year ago. 


$3.85 - Sunoco, 64 Newtown Road, Danbury

$3.86 - CITGO, 63 Main St., Danbury

$3.89 - CITGO, 90 West St., Danbury

$3.89 - Gulf, 113 North St., Danbury

$3.89 - Global, 110 Newtown Road, Danbury

$3.90 - Stop & Shop, 705 Villa Ave., Fairfield

$3.91 - Gulf, 690 Post Road East, Westport

$3.91 - Valero, 84 North St., Danbury

$3.93 - Valero, 52 Pembroke Road, Danbury

$3.93 - Mercury, 1830 Post Road East, Westport

Most Expensive

$4.69 - Shell, 38 W. Broad St., Stamford

$4.38 - CITGO, 939 High Ridge Road, Stamford

$4.35 - Shell, 142 Railroad Ave., Greenwich

$4.35 - Mobil, 520 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

$4.31 - Mobil, 205 Sound Beach Ave., Greenwich

$4.29 - Shell, 401 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

$4.27 - Mobil, 1129 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

$4.25 - Shell, 85 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

$4.25 - Shell, 164 Noroton Ave., Darien

$4.21 - Sunoco, 943 Danbury Road, Wilton

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Norwalk. Mobil Station 31 North Ave. Mid Grade $ 4. 239 / Gal.

How about, NEW JERSEY???

Glad to see I wasn't the only one confused by this article. I read the headline, read the article, went back the headline, looked to see if I was reading the NORWALK Daily Voice, went through looking for a Norwalk gas station and then saw the comments. Either post this in another town's Daily Voice, change the headline or find some Norwalk gas station prices to include. Not good reporting!

headline is misleading...if I need gas, I am NOT driving to Danbury! How about NORWALK gas stations??? My gas is maybe the writer of this article isn't from Norwalk?

He is a graduate of Tufts University and Miami native, but considers the New York area his ancestral home.
Exactly, we're not driving to Timbuktu to save a dollar, then spend it on gas for the drive home.
No matter, he's writing about Norwalk

Question: Where Norwalk Drivers Can Find Cheapest Gas?
Answer: Danbury.
How about listing one station in Norwalk that is cheaper than the others in Norwalk.
I'm thinking these prices listed are for 87 octane. Don't most cars use premium or 93 octane?