Are You Ready For Asteroid 2012 DA14, New Canaan

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Space seems far away from Fairfield County. Hopefully, falling space debris will avoid us ‒ and the Earth in general. Photo Credit: Flickr user Kevin Gill

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. ‒ Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be making a flyby over Fairfield County Friday afternoon.


Are you ready for a meteorite?

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Are you ready for a meteorite?

  • It's unlikely another meteorite will crash through the atmosphere.

  • I frequently worry about space debris hitting the Earth.

  • I am taking precautions against falling space rocks, starting with hiding under the bed.

  • In case it hits, I have alternate plans for the afternoon.

  • If it does hit, my significant other will stop being angry with me for forgetting Valentine's Day.

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That is, if 17, 500 miles can be considered a flyby. But by astronomical calculations, the asteroid, which will be cruising into satellite-range of Earth, is something of a near miss.

Friday morning a meteorite tore through the skies over Siberia, injuring some 1,000 people, mostly from glass shards that exploded from the sonic boom when the big rock entered the atmosphere, according to The New York Times.

It is possible, according to a statement on the NASA website, that the meteorite that rained down on Russia may have been part of the entourage of space rocks accompanying the small asteroid expected to (hopefully) pass by Earth on Friday.

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I would think what goes up, must come down..

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