Fairfield Business Council Calls For Balance In Commuter Tax Benefits

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Advocacy groups are calling on authorities to restore parity to pre-tax commuter contributions. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Several individuals and advocacy groups, including the the Fairfield County Business Council, are calling for authorities to restore balance to the pre-tax benefits given to commuters, according to Patch.com. 

Groups and individuals are upset about a change that dropped the maximum pre-tax contribution for transit down to $135 per month, down from $245 last year. The pre-tax contribution for parking, however, was increased $5 to 250 per month, Patch.com reported. 

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Comments (4)

Ken P Jr:

Why should people be given a break for going to work elsewhere on mass transit already subsidized with tax dollars? They get a break just for using the train already.

Broad River:

From what I understand Ken, The reasoning behind the break they get is in the form of an incentive / inducement to not further add to the clog on I-95 in the morning.
What's confusing is that they lost $110 in one pre-tax break but gained $5 in another. Seems like a win to me, because their transportation costs are a fraction of what it would ( fuel, insurance, vehicle, parking, time ) be to drive into the city. yet they cry. Crying rags must have gone up $5!


One N in Benefits.

Elizabeth G:

who cares

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