Metro-North Restores Service After Bridge Problem In Norwalk

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9 a.m. update: FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Train service was restored at about 9 a.m. Thursday along the New Haven Line, Metro-North announced via Twitter. 

"Please be advised that all repairs have been made to the Walk Bridge. Train Service has been restored between SoNo and East Norwalk," Metro-North said. 

"Customers should anticipate delays/crowded conditions due to significant congestion in the vicinity of SoNo," Metro-North said. 

A conductor at the Fairfield station said trains were backed up along the New Haven Line. His train departed at about 9:10 a.m., after trains ahead of his were moving.

Train service through Norwalk was disrupted for about three hours total, stopping trains in both directions in that area while the bridge was repaired. 

Original story: FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Service along the New Haven Line is disrupted Thursday morning because Metro-North is unable to close the WALK Bridge in South Norwalk due to mechanical problems.

Crews are currently at the site, attempting to correct the problem at the 118-year-old bridge, Metro-North said.

Eastbound train service from Stamford has been temporarily suspended, Metro-North said. Buses from Stamford are taking passengers to stations farther east, Metro-North said. 

Limited westbound toward New York train service is being provided from South Norwalk, and limited shuttle bus service is being provided between East Norwalk and South Norwalk for passengers who need to get around the problem area.

Customers should anticipate delays and crowded conditions. Metro-North service representatives are at stations for assistance. The problems began at about 6 a.m. Thursday. 

Metro-North does not know how long it will take to fix the bridge, railroad spokeswoman Meredith Daniels said Thursday morning. In the past, similar problems have taken about 90 minutes to repair, she said.

"I believe it's something with the gears and the wedges," she said of the bridge. Crews are on the scene working to repair the bridge, she said.

The WALK Bridge rotates open to allow boats to pass through and is not closing properly, Metro-North said.

Metro-North riders have taken to Twitter to air their complaints regarding what they're saying is just the most recent problem with the train service.  

"So where am I now? Oh yeah #delayed because of a bridge they shld keepup since oh I don't know thousands ofpeople cross everyday #metronorth," Dana Cullen tweeted under her username @sonicdjc.

Norwalk resident Chris Mojica, as @thelastmojica,  responded to Cullen on the social media site saying, "@sonicdjc always something. Can't wait for the new President of #metronorth to reiterate to us that things are getting better."

This spring, the state announced a $465 million project to cover the cost of the Walk Bridge replacement, with $349 million in federal funding and $116 million in state funding.

The money will be used for project design, engineering, environmental clearance, and construction. The WALK bridge was built in 1896, and replacing it with a drawbridge (which would open for marine traffic from one side with a counterweight system) would enhance the safety and reliability of commuter and intercity passenger service along the Northeast corridor, the Connecticut Department of Transportation announced in April.

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Comments (22)

Its shameful that tax money is spent at all. Let the riders foot the bill. The lunacy of these clowns blaming corporate welfare or Republican big oil tax breaks id laughable. The State of CT has nothing to do with either & its the state which gets milked so commuters can make big bucks out of state on our dime. Live where you work if you don't wish to pay to get there.

with the same old same old..

Its federal money that was earmarked for mass transit but was diverted to the oil companies by the Republicans...Nice try at spin Kenny

Why ???? To all of the Previous Comments IF More Money went to IMPROVING The INFRASTRUCTURE AND LESS TO WELFARE we would not have these problems GOOD MANAGEMENT not Handouts !!!!!

Yes I agree we need to stop the corporate welfare to the oil companies

How much money does CT contribute to the oil companies?

Its federal money that was earmarked for mass transit but was diverted to the oil companies by the Republicans...Nice try at spin Kenny

This is all due to the years of the Republicans use money meant for improvements to mass transit infrastructure for tax breaks for big oil.

Hello!!! Infrastructure!! But have it your way America - build bombs not bridges. Don't tax the rich. Keep those budget cuts coming.

"Don't tax the rich"? The "rich" aren't taxed? And those "budget cuts" keep coming!

.The "rich" aren't taxed? Are you serious? That statement would be shamefull if it were coming from someone who was informed and educated about such things,but since I can see that its not,its just plain hilarious.Talk about low information voters. God help us.For .your information,the top 10.%pay close to 70 % of all federal taxes in this country.If you don't believe me ,its on the I.R.S.web site for all to see,even the Occupy Wall st.crowd.

Seriously shameful!