New Canaan Joins International Food Revolution Day

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Dr. Leonaura Rhodes is organizing local events that promote healthy eating and improve food knowledge. Photo Credit: Contributed

NEW CANAAN, Conn. — New Canaan will join an international revolution later this month at the dinner table as part of “Food Revolution Day” on May 17.

Dr.  Leonaura Rhodes of New Canaan is leading the local push to organize events that promote healthy eating and food knowledge, a statement said.

“I volunteered as a Food Revolution ambassador because as a health coach, mother and physician I am convinced of the link between good food and health,” Rhodes said in the statement.

The start of New Canaan’s campaign will take place Saturday at the New Canaan Nature Center’s GardenFest event with people being able to visit a “Food Revolution Table,” to participate in taking a pledge to eat healthier and doing a craft.

On May 17, kids are encouraged to take a vegetable to school for lunch, people who work outside the home are asked to participate in the “Sassy Salad Challenge,” where colleagues bring their most interesting and nutritious salads, and those at home can do the Food Revolution Pot Luck Lunch and invite friends over, the statement said.

Food Revolution Day was started by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to celebrate real food, where it comes from and how to cook it. Find out more by visiting its website or the local New Canaan movement’s Facebook Page.

“Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day leads the way in the movement towards improving the food we eat. Food is the fuel for every cell, organ and system of our bodies. Eating healthy food helps your body stay healthy and fight disease,” Rhodes said.

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Thanks Anthony for the great article. The GardenFest at the nature Center, was a wonderful event. Many parents took "the pledge to eat more healthy food" and kids make a colorful spoon collage.

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