New Canaan Residents Speak Out On Sidewalk Needs

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New Canaan residents are hoping that some streets in town have new sidewalks or fixes to damaged ones. This sidewalk was installed on Main Street last year. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - Several residents recently offered their thoughts  on The New Canaan Daily Voice's Facebook page about what streets in New Canaan are in need of sidewalks or sidewalk repairs.

For reader Kimberly Schloss Markin, the place to go is Seminary Street. “It has a couple sections with sidewalks, but then a few spots without,” she said on our page.

Angie Stock recommended fixes to Heritage Hill Road from Husted Lane to the first driveway entrance at the Oenoke Condos complex “on the right side as you go AWAY from the corner of Main St. and Heritage Hill.”

Reader Laura Raisanen suggested Route 123, also known as New Norwalk Road. “And how about Talmadge Hill by the train station? How about everywhere. ... why can't we walk anywhere in New Canaan?” she wrote.

The last major sidewalk project in town was done two years ago when sidewalks were installed on the southern end of Main Street between Farm Road and Cherry Street. The work was done after residents made requests, citing a desire to promote physical fitness and safety for children who wanted to walk to schools along Farm Road.

New Canaan Public Works Director Mike Pastore said his department has no immediate plans to install new sidewalks in the 2013-14 fiscal year. The only sidewalk project in the department’s proposed budget is repairing the sidewalks on both sides of Cherry Street from Main Street to East Avenue.

Pastore said the department has more pressing projects to focus on. “We have quite a few items on our budget,” he said. “We also have areas that are in need of repairs.” 

Pastore added the department is looking at some sidewalks in the area of the Locust Avenue parking lot, which could be worked on as part of the proposed renovation of the lot where a new tier could be added.

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