Newtown School Shooting Investigation Expected To Take Weeks

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The investigation into the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown will likely take weeks, state police said.
The investigation into the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown will likely take weeks, state police said. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NEWTOWN, Conn. – The investigation into how and why the shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown took place will take weeks to complete, Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance said at a press conference in Newtown Sunday morning.

"There are many pieces of the puzzle we don't have yet. The forensic part is very important. It's not done yet," Vance said.  "And interviewing witnesses – we are far from done. The number of witnesses we need to talk to is immense," he said.

He also said that misinformation has been going out via social media, and that there are social media sites posing as the shooter, Adam Lanza, and as purporting to be people related to the crime. These are violations of federal and possibly state law, and will be investigated and prosecuted, he said. 

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Comments (15)

This year I want to offer my wife a special holiday. So for this occasion I was thinking to go on a trip far away from home, without our children, to have a weekend getaway just for us. We will take a hike, do snowboarding, do something exciting together. We deserve this break.

I Agree with John. We need to invest in keeping our kids safe. No different than pilots on planes being trained to use a fire arm in the event of an emergency.

I still don't know how the rifle got in the trunk of that lunatic's car, if it was, as has been reported, the murder and suicide weapon.

I've done a lot of thinking since this tragedy happened. What can be done to make it less likely something like this to happen again? I think I have come up with a brilliant genuine solution, not to mention inexpensive:

1. Train a handful of people, two or three, at every school to use a powerful firearm like AR-15. One of them ought to be be the principal.
2. Put a loaded firearm or two in a steel safe with a combination lock.
3. The safe can only be opened if those trained people are ALL present, meaning parts of the combination key should be given to those chosen individuals only. Individually they can't open the safe. Just like the way they activate a nuclear device.
4. Those chosen individuals must go through psychological examination once or twice a year.

Let's look at what happened. Lanza used a firearm to break into the school. I think Lanza shot a hole large enough in the door to get through. It took a while before he was able to get inside. The shots must have been heard by people inside, and they all knew some bad guy with a firearm is about to come inside and do nasty things. Bottom line: There should be enough time for the chosen individuals to get together, open the safe and take out AR-15 and fight back.

We can all agree that anyone with known emotionally disturbed behavior problems should never be anywhere near any gun.

Expand that to the awesomely stupid, obvious idiots that clearly cannot be regarded as ever being of any intelligence,,, such as john.real.965. If such a bizarre individual has a firearm permit, alert the authorities!

Dear Unreal John
Your proposed "solution is both unfeasable, impractical, and unrealistic.
Having a weapon locked away that can only be accessed by three individuals (or even two) depends largely if those individuals can get to the safe. In the case of Sandy Hook, the administrators were in a meeting and may not have been near where the gun might have been locked away, had they had one. Getting to the gun might have put them directly into the shooter's path. They go down, now who's going to be able to get to that useless weapon? Your scenario would only work in the most perfect of situations.
Your timeline is also flawed. What if the administrators had heard the gunman and been able to assemble at the safe. What if they had been able to get the firearm and be ready to confront the intruder. They better hope the halls weren't filled with kids or even one stray kid going to the bathroom. One hostage or innocent in the line of fire defeats the whole purpose of your "solution". Now you've got a standoff with an armed administrator and a wackjob hell-bent on mayhem. No matter what, it ends badly.
I could go on but there's really no point in continuing to point out the flaws in your proposed solution. Having even MORE weapons around is hardly the answer to LESS violence in our schools. And contrary to what the NRA would have us all believe, having greater access to guns doesn't make ANYONE safer.

You views are so out of sync with reality its scary.

So brilliant, and it scares you huh?

No not brilliant...More like insane


MIght take weeks to close the file. But we know why, he was a sick sick person, and we know how, he killed his mom, took her guns & went someplace safe to shoot innocents. We need to ask ourselves if feel good gun free laws are worth this tragedy. Personally I dont feel they are.

just a thought - tear down that school and sell the property and rebuild somewhere else. All the donations collected, after helping the families with immediate issues, should go towards building a new school for this town.


Most will agree the building can no longer stand. Your suggestion to raise money for a new school is an excellent one. It serves to empower people in other communities with meaningful purpose at a time when they feel most especially and completely helpless. For now, the world grieves for the victims and their families.

I agree and to add to child or children would not step one foot back into that school. Hearing there principal begging for her life over the intercom. Teacher putting her kids in the bathroom lying that they were in gym... Her chest was blown to pieces. These kids are so messed up right about now. Poor lil babies and staff members

Pardon my language but anybody using social media and posing as the shooter or anyone connected with this shooting is a sick son of a bitch and deserves everything they get from law enforcement.
Let the authorities investigate what they have to do. Let the families of the victims mourn in peace and begin the healing process.Let us all somehow learn to move on from this.