Poll: How Long Is Your Commute, New Canaan?

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People from New Canaan and the rest of Fairfield County have some of the longest commutes into New York. Photo Credit: File Photo

NEW CANAAN, Conn. — How long does it take you to get to work from your home in New Canaan?


How Long Does It Take You To Get To Work, New Canaan?

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How Long Does It Take You To Get To Work, New Canaan?

  • A few steps, I work from home.

  • About 10 minutes, I work close to home.

  • About 30 minutes, I have an average commute.

  • About an hour, I have a longer commute.

  • More than 90 minutes, I am a mega-commuter.

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According to statistics released by the Census Bureau, commuters from Fairfield County travel for more than 100 minutes and more than 60 miles into New York, which makes it one of the largest mega-commuter flows in the country.

The Census Bureau defines a mega-commute as a one-way trip of at least 90 minutes and at least 50 miles, a statement said. Nearly 600,000 full-time workers in the country have mega-commutes to work, the statement said.

The average commute takes just more than 25 minutes, and 8.1 percent of people commute more than 60 minutes each day, the statement said. Just more than 4 percent work from home, the statement said.

Most people drive alone to work, 79.9 percent, with 10.1 percent carpooling and 4.8 percent walking or biking, the statement said. Only 5.3 percent of all commuters take public transportation, but 23 percent of  people with commutes longer than 60 minutes do.

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Poor Glen:

Tony ole buddy. I am new here. I am glad to meet you pal. You look young which is good. We can be friends as I am not in to old foogies. I write on patch alot. But, I need more exposure. So, I plan to write here ALOT now. Do not fret. I use NO dirty words, NO X-rated writings. So, I hope you will allow me my freedom of the press as per the ???amendment to the Const.

My commute is by train normally. I take 709 fron New Canaan to my dream town where I work in Stamford where I arrive at 727 I am dirt poor so that is why I only work in Stamford instead of NY where all the other normal people get to work Thanks pal

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