Study: Connecticut Among 'Least Dependent' States On Federal Government

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Connecticut is one of the least dependent states on federal government, according to a new study from WalletHub.
Connecticut is one of the least dependent states on federal government, according to a new study from WalletHub. Photo Credit: Courtesy WalletHub

NORWALK, Conn. -- Connecticut is one of the states that is least dependent on the federal government, according to a new study from WalletHub.

The personal finance social network known as WalletHub released analysis that illustrates which states are most and least dependent on the federal government. After comparing 50 states and Washington, D.C., it turned out Connecticut ranked fifth overall.

In some categories, Connecticut came in 25th in "Lowest Return on Federal Income Tax," fourth in "Highest Independent State Revenue" and first in "Least Federal Employees Per Capita," according to the study. 

"The extent to which the average American’s tax burden would vary based on his state of residence represents a significant point of differentiation between state economies. But it’s only once piece of the puzzle," the study said.

"The idea of the American freeloader burst into the public consciousness when 47 percent started trending on Twitter.  And while the notion is senselessly insulting to millions of hardworking Americans, it is true that some states receive a far higher return on their federal income tax investment than others."

Click here to view the study from WalletHub.

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Clearly noreally is a gimme liberal living off the tax payers of this state and country. Never biting the hand that gives them everything absolutely free. So how is your free phone cable health care affordable housing and your food stamps doing. Just for the record outperforming stocks and Social Security which once again is after tax money. But you are so ignorant you would not know the difference. Even when people are leaving this socialist state the conveyance tax is the last evil tax on them and every year they say it was only temporary. Dems they just do not get it.!!! Wondering if you live in fairfield county. Heavens forbid i am willing to bet you live in an affordable housing unit slum in Ridgefield.

strip out Fairfield County and you have a very different picture.

Which is worse- being dependent on the federal government or being a door mat that supports everyone else?

1. CT is not a state that has federal facilities like NIH, CDC, NASA, research and other federal that is one factor.
2. CT is not a border state that would require federal facilities and services.
3. CT does not have a major commercial port that would require federal assistance, think New Orleans and Katrina clean up over the last number of years.
And by the way, check the definitions, details, terms, what was included and what was excluded before accepting at face value a generalized statement about this.
But CT is one of the least fiscally stable states with many areas it needs to improve including transparency, cost efficiencies, voter issues re election and voter/voter registration fraud (think ACORN in Bridgeport where it was reported nearly 25% of registrations in 2008 were issues like Mickey Mouse...and the 2010 election in Bridgeport where bags of ballots appeared - which also happened in 2008 in another FFC city.) CT legislature changed laws that ran insurance companies out of the state and many other companies have followed suit.

Nope this shows we are taxed to death and the LOONS running this state are not getting there fair share 0f moneys sent to the FEDS. You liberals do not have a clue as usual!!! Hay EINSTEIN ct is a state that TAXES your social security. And just for your information against the law. It is after TAX MONEY I MIGHT ADD. But you progressives have not one ounce of brains in your head!!!.

This goes to show that we are supporting the Republican states.. Typical..

Liberalism is a disease,and it is running rampant in this state. It needs to be eradicated.Save this state.Vote "Dannel" and his left wing henchmen out of office.What a stupid name,"Dannel".