Wrongful Termination Charges Tops New Canaan News This Week

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See the stories that topped the news in New Canaan this week.

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - Here are some of the stories that topped the news in New Canaan this week:

  • Newly unionized workers accused the Town of New Canaan of wrongful termination following a punitive action.
  • The town of New Canaan is seeking a $5.8 million spending increase in the proposed 2014-15 budget.
  • Main Street Drivers Inc. provides a new car service in Fairfield County for residents to get themselves, and their cars, home safely after a night of drinking.
  • New Canaan restaurants will participate in the annual Wesptort Chowdafest competition scheduled in February.
  • Michael Savage of New Canaan was arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court on charges of misconduct with a motor vehicle in a car crash that killed his father in 2011.
  • 74-Year-Old Norwalk resident Lee Krost was named one of the winners of a contest sponsored by the NFL to win a free trip to the Super Bowl.
  • The New York Daily News obtained an audiotape of a radio interview revealing Adam Lanza discussed shootings on a radio show a year before Sandy Hook.

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