Letter: Make Your Lawn Pesticide Free, New Canaan

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1. Bald patches? Sprinkle with a mixture of hardy rye grasses and fescues to keep weeds from taking them over. It's as simple as walking your lawn with the seed mix in a bucket, and seeding the patches by hand. A light coating of hay will protect the seed.

2. Take a soil test. This will tell you how to fertilize your soil. Always use natural/organic fertilizer.

3. Apply compost with a spreader, or dump in a pile and then rake over the lawn. Leaf compost is free in New Canaan, available at the Transfer Station (must be a resident of New Canaan, but no dump sticker necessary).

4. Switch to pesticide-free right now by calling your provider, finding a specialist on our website, or getting schooled in the basics to do it yourself. It's not hard, just different! And yes, it works!

For more detailed information, visit our website. You can also call or email us anytime!

Pesticide-Free New Canaan


Pesticide-Free New Canaan is a group of parents and neighbors concerned about the negative health effects of lawn pesticides on families, pets and the water supply. Together with our institutional partner, The New Canaan Nature Center, our volunteers help others to understand the dangers and take practical action.

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