Letter: Obsitnik Knows How To Create Jobs

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To the Editor:

If you feel as I do, that this election is about creating jobs and getting our economy back on track, I hope you will join me in supporting Steve Obsitnik on Nov. 6.  

Steve is a successful businessman and job creator.  He is a first generation American.  Steve’s grandparents and father immigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia in pursuit of the American Dream.  It was their belief that in America, you can succeed through hard work and perseverance.  They instilled these same values in Steve.  Steve Obsitnik founded a small high tech company and he is the only candidate in this race who has actually created jobs and knows what it means to make a payroll each month. 

Steve wants to return responsibility and courageous leadership to Washington.  He believes we can get out of this fiscal mess, but changes must be made. To help create more jobs, tax code reform is needed to enable small businesses to start-up and existing businesses to expand.  Steve recognizes the dangers of out of control spending and he is committed to reducing both governmental debt and the budget deficit.  Steve’s business experience is key to this area of fiscal reform. 

Steve was raised in Stamford and attended Stamford High School. From there he went on to the Naval Academy where he earned his engineering degree.  While in the Navy, Steve spent five years on board a nuclear submarine.   Steve enjoys solving problems and likes to fix things, and I can’t think of anything in greater need of fixing then our country.

Vote for Steve Obsitnik on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Kate Kirby

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Comments (2)

So exactly how is Mr. Obsitnik going to create those jobs in CT? Who is he going to hire ? I don't care what he's done in his own business, he has to take a look at the whole and figure out that you CAN"T CUT TAXES if you want to BALANCE THE BUDGET.
Why was he speaking in Mumbai India in 2009 at a Quintel Forum - perhaps because this is not a sole US company and creates jobs - OUT OF THE COUNTRY?
Hey, look at the business, sure he's successful but not in creating US jobs

I am so sick of these Republican lies about them creating jobs....First only a moron actually believes that goverment creates jobs other than government jobs. Second it is because of the Republicans that we are in the mess we are in as the Republican village idiot Bush created it. It seems that the Republicans have forgotten about Bush's 8 years in office and that Obama inherited the mess from The Republican village idiot Bush. Anyone with any smarts at all knows it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it and I and most feel Obama is doing a good job of fixing the village idiot Republican Bush's mess.