Letter: Obsitnik Will Work For The 4th District

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To the Editor,

I urge all voters to support a great candidate for U.S. Congress, my friend Steve Obsitnik.

I have known Steve personally for several years. I attended Staples High School with his wife, Suzanne, and our girls have been together in school since preschool in Westport.

I have had many opportunities to spend time with Steve. He is a smart man, a decent human being, a good father and a good friend. I am confident he would make a wonderful congressman.

Steve grew up in the 4th District and he understands our community and the challenges we face. Steve is a graduate of Stamford High School and the U.S. Naval Academy, and he served our nation as an officer on board a nuclear attack submarine.

Following his service in the Navy, Steve earned an master’s in business administration at the Wharton School of Business and then pursued a career as an executive in the technology sector. Steve's education, military service and business background make him uniquely qualified to represent the interests of our district on such critical issues as education, the economy and national security.

Importantly, Steve is a dedicated husband and a terrific father, and he is committed to working across party lines in Congress to solve the problems facing this generation and the next.

Steve Obsitnik will make our district proud, and I hope you will join me in supporting him on Nov. 6.

Andrea Moore, Westport

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Comments (3)

Let us not forget that it was the Clinton Administration, Barney Frank and others on the extreme liberal wing that put in place the requirements that banks had to extend mortgages to those not otherwise qualified and those programs, and related bank actions, that caused the real estate collapse. Let's also not forget that Jim Himes has his kids claim he reads all bills before voting for them but everyone knows that wasn't possible with Obamacare, as the bill wasn't even completed prior to the vote and yet he voted for it anyway. That bill alone has 21 new taxes that are going to hit the middle class. I think it was Pelosi that said "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It".

Himes is doing his best to portray himself as a moderate but his voting record tells the real story. See http://votesmart.org/candidate/evaluations/106744/jim-himes#.UH8oqmffJ8E

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and dems had complete control of the government for 2 years and they wasted them on Obamacare. Himes supported that effort and if he survives this time when that chicken comes home to roost he won't be so lucky.. Career politicians are the biggest threat this country faces. Himes had his chance. Now he needs to go back to work for Goldman Sachs a firm that mostly deals with the 1%ers Himes and other democrats love to castigate. Hypocrisy at its best.

Let us not forget that that Clinton left office with a surplus that the village idiot Republican Bush wasted it on 2 wars that he started on lies..Also lets us not forget all the deaths that are due to the lies of the village idiot Republican Bush

Let us not forget it is because of the Republicans that we are in the mess we are in as the Republican village idiot Bush created it. It seems that the Republicans have forgotten about Bush's 8 years in office and that Obama inherited the mess from The Republican village idiot Bush. Anyone with any smarts at all knows it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it and I and most feel Obama is doing a good job of fixing the village idiot Republican Bush's mess.