New Canaan Letter: Town's Financial House Is Back In Order

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Hats off to the current Board of Selectmen – Rob Mallozzi, Beth Jones and Nick Williams – and particularly to Rob, the first selectman, for initiating actions to put the town’s financial house in order. Prior to their elections, we taxpayers were led to believe that “best practices” were being followed, and being watched over by the first selectman and the Town Council, as required by the Town Charter.

Sadly was not the case for some 15 to 20 years during the Walker, Neville and Bond administrations, and for as long as a number of the longtime Town Council members have held office, including the Town Council head, Mark DeWaele.

Now that we have a new legal counsel, a new chief financial officer and a new accounting/auditing firm, and, most important, selectmen that have their collective eyes on the ball, the town’s finances (and OUR taxpayer money) seem to be getting the highly professional treatment that they deserve.

Hats off also to Roger Williams, Republican Town Council member, for setting an excellent example with regards to doing the necessary homework before Town Council meetings, and retaining the courage of his convictions to ask the “tough” questions during the sessions, even when seemingly discouraged from doing so by some fellow Council members.

Rob, Beth, Nick and Roger -- keep up the good work!

George McEvoy

Democrat, and not a member of the Town Council or Board of Finance

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It is an arguable question whether you should put Judy Neville in the same category as Dick Bond, Jeb Walker or Mark DeWaele. For sure, sometimes appointees take actions or implement policies which the First Select(wo)man would oppose and would therefore disappoint. Judy may have done things you didn't like but deception and dirty tricks were not used as municipal motivation, to the best of my knowledge.
If you know more, please says so.
I agree with your support of Roger Williams, even though the feathers of Town Council sometimes get ruffled. It's all well to be civil and congenial but there is also a time to stop the ship before it sinks.
Remember, Roger was part of the RAW ticket in the Republican caucus 2 years ago. Sometimes a person's manner can be raw but we rightly praise raw courage.