Darien Coach Resigns To Focus On Health After Norwalk Arrest

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Christian Garnett
Christian Garnett Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

DARIEN, Conn. -- The Stamford resident charged in the assault of a Norwalk police officer in 2013 has resigned as the Darien lacrosse and football coach to focus in rehabilitating from his injuries, according to the Darien News.

Christian Garnett, 32, said he suffered a stage-three concussion and an orbital fracture that required surgery as a result of the altercation with the officer. Garnett also claims he is in occupational and physical therapy due to the injuries, the Darien News reported. 

Garnett was arrested in late October 2013 after Norwalk police pulled him over for driving a car that was missing a tire.

Police suspected Garnett of being intoxicated and attempted to perform a field sobriety test. When Garnett was informed he would be arrested he allegedly balled up his fists and began to swing his arms at the officers, according to the police report. 

Police were able to pin Garnett to the ground, but he allegedly continued to resist even after officers used tasters on him. Officers struck the suspect in the face and on his side in an effort to subdue him as well, the police report said. 

A subsequent search of Garnett's car found a metal grinder, two pipes with marijuana residue in them as well as syringes and insulin. 

Garnett was charged with assault on a police officer, interfering with police, driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Comments (9)

The police are trained to subdue a fist wielding person with a couple of wrestling moves they aren't required to get into a boxing match or street fight with the guy. Some outstanding citizens can find themselves in the same situation everyone has thier breaking point. And you shouldn't get your face bashed in for it.
What if you went to see your mom or dad in an old age home and you found them in that condition and the care person said "well he swung at me".
Would that be acceptable? No they have ways to get people under control and restrain them so they are not a threat to themselves are any one else around them. Doesn't include punching and clubbing them into submision.

You people have obviously not faced a possible dangerous lunatic face to face. You go after cops physically, you expect to be hurt. This is not a social event run by some rules of etiquette. Oh, just talk nice to him, hold him gently, it will be just fine. All the 20/20 hindsight is meaningless. You have milliseconds to respond. If the tasers did not work, then he was seriously jacked up on something. Would you rather they blew him away with a 9mm? Many police cars have video cams, does Norwalk?

Kind of shoddy reporting to mention syringes and not mention that the guy is diabetic; it's like implying that he's a heroin addict. Not to mention that most of this stuff has already been reported.

I agree with Norwalkman, since when does a dwi arrest wind up with someone having they're face SMASHED in? Also, got to wonder how the police let things get so out of hand, seems suspect, and considering the guy's facing an assault charge, at the very least unfair. Where are the pictures of the cop's bruises? Honestly.

The no good cops that did this need to be behind bars..
However the idiot that we have or a chief seems to accept this behavior from his officers. Its time that the department of justice gets involved with the out of control Norwalk police Department. Also Norwalk needs a civilian review board to control these no good Norwalk cops.
Hopefully this victim of abuse at the hands of the Norwalk Police will file a lawsuit.

You hold him down. You don't smash his face in.

lt seems like they go overboard with the beating. I'm sure they could have gotten him under control and in hand cuffs fairly quick. They have two or three roll up in a normal stop, could just imagine how many were there for this. Especially if they have a chance to hit someone.

Surprised they didn't drag him near a school as well.This case is still pending maybe by the time it sees a courtroom pot will be legal in Ct and the money he will get won't cover the eye or the job he probably enjoyed.I'm afraid with all the old timers with a lot of class leaving the city will end up with what we are now seeing.This man may just be Norwalks poster for tourism.

Cops really have to calm Down. They can't wait for an excuse to pounce on someone.
What if the whole thing was caused by his Diabetes.
a friend of mine goes into some kind of diabetic condition. He starts acting crazy and doesn't remember a thing as if he was drunk.
They can't be so quick to take the opportunity to get their jollies beating the crap out of someone, just because they can justify it in a report.

First of all, the diabetic condition that would induce aggression is an insulin reaction, i.e., low blood sugar. If the person got into a fight due to that condition it would quickly get worse and would likely progress to unconsciousness. Without treatment, brain damage or death would likely come next.

None of these later-stage things happened (they would have occurred while he was in custody), making it rather unlikely that this was a blood sugar event.

Beyond that, what do you want the police to do, exactly, when they stop an erratic driver and he balls up his fists in a rage and starts swinging? To the best of my knowledge the Star Trek phaser with its "stun" setting has not yet been invented.