Girl, 15, Reported Missing In Greenwich

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Fifteen-year-old Crystle Davis has been reported missing. She was last seen in Greenwich on Friday, July 13. Anyone with information should contact the Greenwich Police Special Victims Section at 203-622-8030. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Greenwich Police Department

GREENWICH, Conn. – A 15-year-old Greenwich girl was reported missing Monday. Crystle Davis was last seen in Greenwich on Friday, according to the Greenwich Police.

She is described as black, about 4 foot 11 and weighing about 107 pounds. She has brown hair extensions in back and shorter hair in front. She may be wearing brown moccasins.

Crystle, who lives on the west side of town, has a history of going missing, said Sgt. Mark Zuccerella of the Special Victims Section.

“This is not the first complaint we’ve had of her doing this. I don’t think she was abducted from Greenwich,” said Zuccerella.  

Earlier in the day Friday, Davis was out “somewhere” and didn’t tell her mother and was punished as a result, according to Zuccerella. “Then she climbed out the window and hasn’t been seen since,” he said. Davis does not hang out in Greenwich and doesn’t have friends in town, he said. “Hopefully, someone sees the picture and gives us a call.”  

Anyone with information should contact the Greenwich Police Special Victims Section at 203-622-8030. 

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Comments (8)

Broad River:

Subject: Re: Greenwuch Girl

Luckily the girl turned up OK about two weeks after she initially went missing. I don't think we ever found out where she was that whole time.

Broad River:

Does anyone know if Crystle has turned up anywhere?


Enough of the comments about the police and the article. Pray for her.


So sorry to hear about this young woman and her family"s worry. May she be found safe and sound, that is all that matters.

Broad River:

You have to stop doing this. Pretty soon leaving on a Friday won't get reported til a Tuesday or Wednesday and probably not get posted here until Thursday or Friday. By then, if you were in trouble, it might be to late. Even Sgt. Mark Zuccerella of the Special Victims Section is beginning to think this is a normal pattern and nothing much to be concerned over.


Hockeymom I agree with you!!!!!


This is such a troubling article. There is a young girl missing, and whether or not she ran away, it would suggest she is in trouble. I find it interesting that the article chooses to point out she is from the "west side of town" - does that mean Byram, the "poor" part of town? And "that she doesn't have friends in town" - are you sure that is completely accurate? None? It seems like an unkind and ungenerous to say about someone - and to what point? The writer and the police seem to be going out of their way to make her seem not worth looking for. I wonder how this article would read if she were a class president and lived in Belle Haven...


I think you're reading a little too much into the comments by the police. I would think that what part of town she lives in is relevant since she might be seen in the vicinity, and the comment that she doesn't hang out in Greenwich is relevant since it suggests that people in other towns should also keep an eye out. I agree that saying "she doesn't have friends in town" seems unkind and ungenerous but I am willing to give the police officer the benefit of the doubt, probably he was just speculating out loud as to the likelihood of the girl being nearby at a friend's house, and spoke awkwardly without realizing what he was saying. A better way to say it might have been "we believe that she may have left Greenwich" but sometimes it's hard to edit your words as you're saying them.