New Canaan Man Charged With Threatening On Christmas

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NEW CANAAN, Conn.  – A New Canaan man accused of confronting a man dating his ex-wife after a Christmas Mass was arrested by New Canaan Police.

Matthew T. Brust, 47, of Kimberly Place, was charged with second-degree threatening, a misdemeanor.

Police said Brust’s ex-wife and a man she is dating were leaving St. Aloysius Church on Christmas Day when Brust confronted the man, got in his face and made threatening comments.

Brust was released after his arrest. According to state court records, he is scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Jan. 7.

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Comments (3)

The "boyfriend" that was confronted was bothering my 10 year old daughter whe the mother ignored it. Any Father would do whatever they could to protect their children from predators.

What a great role model for his children. As soon as the priest says, "Go in Peace", this guy wants to fight on the day marked to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the middle of church. And he's 47-years old? Wow.