Police: Greenwich Woman Tied, Bound In Home Invasion

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Greenwich Police are investigating a home invasion that left a woman tied and bound. Photo Credit: File

Updated 3 p.m.: GREENWICH, Conn. -- Two masked assailants threatened a Greenwich woman with a gun and left her bound and tied in a home invasion late Tuesday afternoon, police said. 

"Based upon the available facts, investigator are fairly certain that the victim had been targeted and this was not a random act," said Lt. Kraig Gray, the Greenwich Police Department's public information officer.

A Greenwich woman returned to home on East Elm Street at about 5:30 p.m. and found her mother had been forcibly restrained by two unknown assailants, police said in a statement.

The victim, who was home alone, was surprised by a two white men in their 20s and wearing ski masks and dark clothing, police said. Upon entering the home, the suspects demanded money and struck her in the face, causing minor injuries, police said. "One of the suspects displayed and also threatened the victim with a handgun," Gray said. 

Before leaving the home, the suspects bound the victim's hands and feet, police said.

Greenwich police were still actively investigating the home invasion. 

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Comments (12)


WHY IS THIS ON THE ARMONK PAGE? WTF IS WRONG With your editors and writers?


WHY IS THIS ON THE ARMONK PAGE? WTF IS WRONG With your editors and writers?


WHY IS THIS ON THE ARMONK PAGE? WTF IS WRONG With your editors and writers?


Guns and Violence in the United States, By the Numbers: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/12/foghorn/guns-violence-united-states-numbers/


Sounds like the door was open or she let them in. No mention of forced entry. I am all for guns for everyone, but sounds like gun would not have helped here. If the broke down the door, that should would have alerted her to go get gun.

Broad River:

They already tied up her mother and had a gun.


90 percent of the time when someone has a gun in the house they are killed by their own gun.. These are the facts that the pro gun wackos leave out.

M3 Driver:

Look at this
That is very true.. Thanks for the informative factual post.


For the pro gun people who are commenting, I'm just curious how this would have played out. Should she have been packing heat as she walked around her house? Or, excused herself after these 2 masked men entered her home un-announced, to go retrieve her gun?


For each and every incident, the factors are different. Owning a gun is not a guarantee that you won't be attacked. What it does do is even the odds if you are carrying and you are attacked. There are some gun owners who carry 24/7/365. Others who don't. Depending on the situation, some have had time to get their guns and defend their homes.


Others haven't. You can only do the best you can with what you have. In this case, the perps were already inside the home when the daughter arrived. Right there, it went from an invasion to a hostage situation. Fortunately it didn't turn out like the Petit home invasion did.



No gun in the house???? That woman is crazy.


Buy a gun; learn how to use it; keep it safe,but handy, in your home.

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