Report: Stonington Woman, Grandchildren Dead In Murder-Suicide

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PRESTON, Conn. - A search for two children and their grandmother ended tragically Tuesday when police found them dead in a car.  

Debra Denison, 47, had picked up her two grandchildren, Ashton Perry, 6 months, and Alton Perry, 2, at their pre-school in North Stonington, police said. The children's mother called police Tuesday afternoon and told them her mother, Debra Denison, had a mental illness, the Hartford Courant, reported.

The State Medical Examiner is conducting an evaluation and the official cause of death has not been determined.

Check back with The Daily Voice for updates.

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Comments (6)

The daughter - the police - the Hartford Courant - the Daily Voice. So, this report is stating as fact a third hand report on why this tragedy occurred. It would have served the citizens who read this paper a better service to let the cause of death remain "unknown" until investigations are furthered or complete.

Tying this issue to "mental illness" is a disservice to so many but, also, plays into the difficult gun regulation issues currently facing this nation. It may gain readers' reaction but it is far from accurate until more secure facts can be obtained. Daily Voice, this is called pandering. I would expect you to be above it.

More reasons for gun control

No one is asking you to spread anything, that's on you. If you feel the article is lacking depth, turn to another source. It wasn't this author that labeled this a murder-suicide, after all. Tapping out.

Is this guy serious? I think it is pretty obvious what happened. The "cause of death" is merely the actual medical term to be filed. Were they poisoned before being shot? Strangled/suffocated? Hit with a blunt object? Not plausible, but possible.

When this 'news' story elaborates no further than stating that they were "found dead in a car" and that the grandmother had a mental illness, I learn basically nothing about the actual incident. If you're implying that I draw my own conclusions from the very vague terminology of the author, you're basically asking me to create my own fiction to spread around.

Why is this being labeled as a murder-suicide if the actual cause for their deaths is yet to be determined? This feels like an unfair grasp for readers at the expense of these victims.