Teen Found Under New Canaan Porch Arrested In Stolen Car Case

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New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski.
New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. Photo Credit: Frank MacEachern, File

NEW CANAAN, Conn. -- A 17-year-old Stamford resident found hiding under a porch in New Canaan was arrested after a pre-dawn search for suspects in a stolen car case that included officers and K9 dogs from Norwalk and Stamford, police said.  

The teen and others ditched the stolen car and fled police in New Canaan early Tuesday, police said. Officers continue an investigation for the other suspects who jumped out of the stolen car and fled, police said.

The Stamford teen is charged with second-degree larceny, second-degree criminal trover (using the property of another without permission, resulting in damage or a diminished value), interfering with an officer, reckless driving and operating without a license.

The case began at about 12:10 a.m. Tuesday, when New Canaan Police Officer Rex Sprosta noticed a suspicious vehicle on Jeliff Mill Road near Ponus Ridge Road, police said. The car was being driven erratically, police said. .

Sprosta followed the vehicle, police said. It turned onto Clearview Lane, where the vehicle stopped suddenly, police said. The occupants jumped out and sprinted from the scene, police said.

The car, registered in New York, had been reported stolen from Stamford, police said.

Within 30 minutes, the 17-year-old was located by Bobi, the Stamford Police dog, hiding under the porch and was taken into custody, police said.

Police from Norwalk, including the K9 unit, also participated in the search.

The juvenile was taken to Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center.

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Comments (5)

Change your screen name Mr. Norwalk CT. No one wants to hear your complaints anymore. Move if you have such a problem!!!

Thank you. So sick of it. Life must suck when you're that miserable.

The Norwalk Police do what they can with what they are given.

As usual the Norwalk Police Department were not the ones to solve the case.

And why should they? It was in New Canaan. Stamford solved it so just quit complaining. Getting really tired of seeing these statements from the likes of you.