Woman Shot In Norwalk; Cops Hunt For Shooter

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Norwalk Police, firefighters and paramedics tend to a shooting victim Wednesday afternoon at Stop & Shop on Connecticut Avenue. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
Norwalk Police investigate a shooting scene Wednesday at the Connecticut Avenue Stop & Shop, as Norwalk paramedics take the victim to Norwalk Hospital. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
Norwalk Police return to Stop & Shop with a canine officer after losing the suspect's trail. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
A dog that was in the car of a Norwalk shooting victim is led away by a Norwalk animal control officer. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
A dog that was in the car of a Norwalk shooting victim is led away by a Norwalk animal control officer. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
Norwalk Police investigate a shooting scene Wednesday at the Connecticut Avenue Stop & Shop. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
A dog waits to be taken out of a car in the Stop & Shop parking lot as Norwalk Police investigate a shooting. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
Norwalk Police get the identity of drivers as they leave Colonial Village on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman

Updated: Wednesday, 10 p.m.

NORWALK, Conn. – A Greenwich woman was shot in the abdomen at about 1:40 p.m. Wednesday in the Stop & Shop parking lot at 385 Connecticut Ave., Norwalk police said.

The victim, described as a woman in her 50s, was alert and conscious when emergency workers arrived. She was taken to Norwalk Hospital, where she was undergoing surgery, Deputy Chief David Wrinn said.

The woman had been shopping in Stop & Shop and was walking back to her white Mercedes when a man approached, police said. She was shot while in her car, police said. It was either a robbery or attempted carjacking, Wrinn said.

The man took a gun out of his boot and shot the woman in the abdomen, then ran across Connecticut Avenue into a shopping center, according to police.

Mayor Richard Moccia and Chief Thomas Kulhawik have announced a Thursday morning news conference about the shooting.

One witness, who was waiting for a bus for a casino outing, said she heard a “pop” and thought it was a firecracker. But then she saw a woman get out of her car and say, “I’ve been shot.” She watched a man run away and noted that the victim was not bleeding.

Police were conducting a manhunt in the area, with a strong presence in Colonial Village. Wrinn described the suspect as a 20- to 30-year-old black man with fair skin, clean shaven, about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds wearing black tennis shoes, a dark hoodie-type sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Police closed the northern portion of the parking lot where the shooting occurred. A large white dog sat in the woman's car while police investigated. The dog was taken away at about 2:45 p.m. by a Norwalk animal control officer. 

No other information was immediately available.

Norwalk police detectives are involved in an active investigation and further descriptive information will be released as it develops. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Detective Bureau @ 203-854-3011. All calls will be kept confidential.

Check back with The Norwalk Daily Voice for more on the shooting.

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Comments (29)

Von Hess:

Its not about the guns nor the crackdown initiatives, It's about the people who use them and the lenient laws.

This guy regardless would still illegally have a gun and rob/shoot someone. Change the laws...mandatory life for car jacking/robbing at gun point period!

As for prevention high resolution remote viewing camera surveillance systems can catch this as it unfolds and have a means to identify suspects immediately.

This woman which I hope is OK, will probably sue the town/police etc.

Any monetary compensation awarded could have easily been spent on a surveillance system and perhaps avoided this altogether.

I proposed this idea in Greenwich to have cameras at high traffic area’s, freeway ramps and parking lots to monitor license plates and suspicious people/traffic.


I'm sorry but why would she sue the city (Norwalk is a city) and the police?


Guns are too cheap and too plentiful in this town, eliminate those who sell guns illegally and you'll help to reduce the gun violence.

Until people wake up and understand that, this will not change.



If only she had a gun... Ken P Jr is right, you need to protect yourself. I did notice that the perp had on the hoodlum's protective shield - a hoodie, so let's not make assumptions here.


Hunting For Shooter
Hunting For Shooter
Hunting For Shooter
Hunting For Shooter
But never not even once find.

I understand Walgreen on Westport Ave had an armed robbery about an hour after the Stop and Shop Incident..Norwalk needs help has the Norwalk Police are not capable of doing the job.


Excuse me Niikk.... The Norwalk Police are doing a great job given the minimal resources they have. Are you actually familiar with the department or do you just go and complain on every article you read? Do you know that the department will at times start a shift with only 3 officers? 3!!!!! If you live in Norwalk Niikk, I suggest you start complaining to City Hall and the Mayor and leave the NPD alone. Nice poem.... are you the shooter?

Von Hess:


Good point about going to Town Hall/Mayors office and yes the police are overwhelmed and under funded.

It's frustrating that priorities are all about politics and not what’s in the best interest of the community.

In Greenwich, weve had a rash of robberies which could have been averted/apprehended with video surveillance systems in key check point areas (much like I listed).
Instead the town is spending @20 million on a new state of the art fire house. Nothing against the guys who are fire fighters, but why not gut the place for half and remodel and parlay 10 mill on video surveillance to protect the community.

The Norwalk Truth:

Would not be surprised if they came from the ghetto Port Chester to do this..Whats the name of that Port Chester gang???I think its the Queens of Port Chester.

Jane D:

Could be as simple as one of our local criminals or could be a murder for hire plot. Those have been happening a lot in Fairfield County because this is unusual even for Norwalk. You never know. But let see if the NPD can catch this person...


Lest first think about the victim my prayers and thoughts for this woman this was just wrong

This is the type of crime Norwalk has become use to.The red flags have been reported over the last few days of a person running around with a silver handgun yet the police have kept it a secret why is this image of Norwalk?

The next red flag s something that is an old story of how law enforcement worked ten years ago.If you have a casino bus picking up thats a red flag to any department to watch your lot where the bus is coming to pick your high rollers with money this could be a motive for the last chaotic scene in Norwalk.

Meeting in Rowyaton on peeping tom issues is a great subject but seems exclusive.Its at the Library in Rowayton

Maybe this is a good time to reach out and ask where is David McCrathy?He seems to be interested enough to reach out the The Hour and have an article done what about the rest of us with wifes and daughters who were never told of Davids step into law enforcement.This poorly contructed political side winding event Dave is having should be maybe someplace safer for Rowyaton residents isn't this where yet another car jacking took place recently of an elderly womans car in the Rowyatons library parking lot?The lighting there seems to be dim at best.

This is where David needs to understand yes its nice to be proactive but for whom why did it seem like a chosen few?

Davids been very proactive but the smell of this political stunt seems to be selective,are we to understand Davids knows more than the press about this,we can be positive this perp is only walking on Rowyaton soil?

Makes me think back to touch a truck day when City carting was showing everyone the new rubbish trucks,they ask if you were from south Norwalk and gave you dirty needle information brochure and if you were from other parts of nice Norwalk you got better printed material.

David we who live near Rowyaton are we to trust there is no possibility this person is in our area?

This is why Republican politicians have such a hard time convincing the rest of Norwalk they care.

I'm sure if you reach out to the Daily they will embrace your information so the rest of us reading my ramble know what the h3ll I'm talking about.

David crime is not exclusive to any one area of Norwalk as someone who sits on a board maybe adding police officers would be your foremost interest I'm sure crime in Norwalk has not become a Republican or Democratic victim data base in our city yet.

Why wasn't the entire city involved and why Rowyaton library why not the middle school where families from RC and South Norwalk feel welcomed?

I think I made my point


Such horrendous and unprovoked crimes can occur from Watts to Beverly Hills and from Bridgeport to Greenwich. Obviously, Norwalk is not immune. As long as we fail to teach civility in our schools this kind of atrocity will continue to haunt us and cultivate epidemic paranoia among respectable citizens throughout our country. It cannot be dismissed that the majority of violent crimes are committed by minorities that are flagrantly brazen in their contempt for law. This is not to categorically disparage all non-caucasian people. It is merely to underscore reality.


In 1960, the percentage of babies born to unwed mothers was 5%. Today it's 50%. For african americans, it's 72%. Good luck to the teachers, the cops, the government, and to the extent anyone even attends anymore, the church.


The issue isn't what is or isn't being learned in schools, it's what's NOT being learned in homes where there is little to no parenting taking place. And that has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with the socioeconomic status and very bad life choices made by the absent parents of the people who grow up to perpetrate such awful crimes as this one.


Well said lwitherspoon..


very, very sad. This world is coming to an end.

sad situation:

NPD didnt call the near by schools for a lock down. If the police was looking over by colonial village, then why were they racing back and forth down soundview. the same four cops. this town is such a joke. why waste your time living here anymore.

M. Murray:

not too sure what school you would want them to notify. Brrokside is probably the closest and that is not really walking distance. It is also the opposite direction the robber fled

sad situation:

@ M.Murray....@1:55pm on our work screens at the bottom stated that a woman was shot at stop and shop. Second sentence stated headed towards Rampart Rd. I can only go off what was sent to our screens. I do work for the city. Brookside is on Michael St in the back and Highland Ave in the front. Rampart is across the street from Michael St. When Brookside gets any calls from the police or fire marshalls, the same calls go to The Childrens Playhouse, thats off from soundview and glasser st. I just couldnt understand if the shooter was running towards colonial village, then why were 4 officers going up and down soundview ave.when school was dismissed the same officers were still riding up and down the road. is it because they have no clue where this person is...I just hope the woman is recovering well from her surgery.


Huh? How was the victim shot in the abdomen while sitting in her car? Was her window/door open?

Either way, that will teach people from Greenwich to drive their Mercedes into Norwalk to do some shopping (sarcasm).

This is really discouraging to the responsible, non-violent, industrious Norwalkers, are we becoming the minority here?


WTF?!?! Norwalk is going down hill fast. We need more programs and affordable housing......


This is terrifying. Exceptionally rare but nonetheless terrifying.

Tim T:

"Exceptionally rare".... Have you been on vacation form Norwalk for the past 4 year???WHAT is Exceptionally rare is a week that goes by without a shooting, stabbing or killing..What is also Exceptionally rare is when the NPD actually solves one with out an outside agency doing it for them..The "Exceptionally rare" comment is funny as that is what the waste of a chief said on channel 12 news.....


Now I am just scared. NPD, where are you? Why aren't you protecting us anymore???

Ken P Jr:

You're kidding right? They're job isn't to protect you, that concept is part of the problem. They solve crime and catch bad guys, or if you are very lucky and somebody tries to rob you in front of a cop they can protect you. Otherwise it's up to you, lulling yourself into a false sense of security because we have a PD allows things like this to happen.

Tim T:

They solve crime and catch bad guys....NOW THATS FUNNY FOR NORWALK PD,,,,,


Count the number of people responding to the victim in that photo please. This isnt DC with snipers on the roof.


How is this even news anymore? I'm waiting for a headline that says ..."Breaking News...nobody shot or stabbed in Norwalk Today"......now that would be something.


In broad daylight. Bone chilling. I read on another site that the shooter ran toward Best Buy. I'd put $$ on him living in that ghetto they call Colonial Village. What is Norwalk becoming?!

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