Fairfield County Readers Weigh In On The Election

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Readers from Fairfield County had mixed responses on The Daily Voice's Facebook pages to the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election. President Obama won with 50.3 percent of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes to Republican Mitt Romney's 203. 

“Will the right wing in this country finally realize that moving more to the extreme right is not exactly a recipe for success?’’ Brian Burgess wrote on The Norwalk Daily Voice's Facebook page. “Will they finally get out of 'obfuscation' mode and start working for their country's future?”

“It shows that some of America is willing to move forward regardless of what party, religion, race or gender,’’ Jeff Curtis Jr. wrote in Stamford. “We need to convince the rest of America that only by putting aside our petty differences can we change as a nation. We have to adapt with the changing world we can't become isolationalists.”

Obama had strong appeal with women voters, 55 percent of whom supported him, according to Bloomberg. “It’s a great day for women,’’ Patty Robinson wrote on the Westport page.

Dennis Jackson said on the Wilton page that the election was “a very American competition of ideas. In spite of all the corrupt money and spin, the man with the philosophy and ideas that rang true to the largest number of voters won. The question is whether Republican leaders will be able to continue to forestall progress.”

Despite Obama’s victory, there is still debate over how he can fix the nation’s most pressing issues, particularly the economy. Ken Prince wrote in Norwalk: “How can anybody say we need to realization a move to the right is bad, when we have been moving left for a generation, going broke and losing global status because of it? Working for the future? Is that what Obama has been doing burying our future in debt? How can we be so stupid.”

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No way should he have won! People are just looking for the free rides and hand outs...there was NOTHING in his speeches OR in what he has done before that made ME want him back. Hoping this country SURVIVES another 4 years...anyone ready for that $8 a gallon gas price that will suddenly appear?

The house was clearly more interested in denying the president a 2nd term then in doing what they were elected and getting paid for. Now, that goal has gotten away. It is time for a little bipartisan action. We can't expect all the repubs to suddenly join the dems and support everything the dems support, but some should, and will, stop the partisan bickering and get something done.
Both sides should concentrate on reducing the debt, producing some balanced budgets, and simplify the tax code so we all pay our fair share. It can be done even though everyone in congress has his/her pet projects.
The lawn signs, at least, are gone for a little while only to be soon repleced by local campaign signs.


I just hope the House does not fail to represent the millions who voted against Obama. No new taxes! We are tapped out!

On the bright side, the world is supposed to end Dec 21... I'm actually looking forward to it.

How in the world could he have been voted into office again? With our economy in the toilet, so many out of jobs, our debt grown to such an astronomical sum .. how .. how .. how...
Despite Obama's "curb appeal" to women I do not believe it was a positive for women that he won.
What about his win is a positive for our country?
Does he even have a plan in place for his second term or will he just wing it as he did the previous 4 years. Oh yes, right, he has hollywood and the performers on his side. Yep, that should fix things for us.