New Canaan Reviews Planned Expansion At St. Luke's

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St. Luke's School wants to expand its current building to add 12 new classrooms. The proposal is up for review before the New Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

NEW CANAAN, Conn. – Plans for a building expansion at St. Luke’s School will undergo further review by the New Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission.

The private school off North Wilton Road has plans to add on to an existing building, School Headmaster Mark Davis said. The new space would be home to 12 classrooms that would make up wings for science, humanities and art. The school also plans to make some renovations to the campus library.

Ten of the classrooms would be for regular classes for students in the upper school, with students in grades 9 through 12. Two others would be used mostly for collaborative group meetings, Davis said.

The space is mostly needed for scheduling because 12 rooms in the existing building are shared by the upper school and the middle school. The new classes would allow for more flexibility, Davis said, because the middle school could start earlier in the day and not have to follow the same timing.

“Their schedules will not be dependent on each other,” he said. “The middle school could start a half-hour before the upper school kids and that would be good for the upper school kids to get more sleep, and there will be less traffic congestion.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission decided Wednesday to continue the public hearing on St. Luke’s request until January. There were several questions, including whether the expansion would increase traffic near the campus or cause a rise in enrollment, commission Chairman Laszlo Papp said.

Davis said he does not expect enrollment to rise with a larger building. “The reason is to separate the schedules and that has educational benefits and traffic benefits.”

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