New Canaan Sen. Cafero Calls For Hearing On Common Core, Teacher Evals

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State Rep. Larry Cafero called for a full public hearing on Common Core in a letter to the Education Committee recently. Photo Credit: Joan Gaylord

NORWALK, Conn. -- House Minority Leader Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk, New Canaan) is calling on Democrats to stage a full public hearing in the legislature's Education Committee on the controversial Common Core curriculum and teacher evaluation standards.

In a letter drafted to the Education Committee, Cafero said a full inquiry into the federally driven program must take place to allow educators, parents and anyone who wants to weigh in, vent their opinions and offer suggestions.

“We have heard from thousands of educators and parents outside the legislature on these matters," Cafero said in a statement. "As lawmakers and their elected officials, we owe the public the chance to address these issues in a formal setting within the General Assembly."

Cafero went on to criticize an informal hearing on Common Core that only allowed invited speakers to have a voice. 

“This is exactly why teachers, administrators, parents and their children find themselves in the situation they are in now," Cafero said in the letter. "Common Core was adopted outside of the legislative process which meant that too many voices were left out of the debate.’’

Click here to read Cafero's full letter to the Education Committee. 

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