New Canaan School Board Considers More Calendar Changes

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The New Canaan Board of Education is weighing possible changes to the 2013-14 school calendar as well as the establishment of a 2014-15 calendar that reduces the February vacation and starts both school years after Labor Day. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

NEW CANAAN, Conn. – More changes are in the works for the schedules at New Canaan Public Schools.

The New Canaan Board of Education is proposing options to amend the 2013-14 school year calendar and its first draft of the 2014-15 calendar. 

The next school year would begin Sept. 3, reduce the planned February vacation to just Feb. 17 to 18, maintain the April 14 to 18 vacation and conclude the school year June 11. School could end as late as June 20 if snow or other bad weather canceled classes at least seven times. Classes would be held on Columbus Day, a half-day on Election Day (Nov. 5) and half-days are scheduled on the Fridays before the February and April vacations.

The 2014-15 calendar includes similar breaks with the school year starting Sept. 2, 2014; no classes on Feb. 13, 16 and 17, 2015; the April vacation running from April 3-10, 2015; and the school year ending on June 15, 2015, with up to nine days available in case of bad weather.

New Canaan Daily Voice reader Brenda Hearne Curtin praised the board's plans on our Facebook page. "It's the right decision and (I) appreciate all the thoughts and consideration they took to complete the task!" she said.

The school board is expected to vote on the proposed changes at its Feb. 25 meeting.

School officials proposed these changes after snowstorms and hurricanes led the district to alter schedules over the past two years. The 2012-13 calendar was amended after Hurricane Sandy, and New Canaan schools have been closed nine days this school year, mainly due to Hurricane Sandy. Two of those days were lost after last weekend’s blizzard.

The cancellations will cause New Canaan Schools to be open April 15 to 16, originally the first two days of the April vacation.

What do you think of the proposed schedule changes? Let us know by leaving a comment below. You can also tell us on our Facebook page.

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Our family fully supports the recommendations for changing the school calendars for the coming school years as stated in the above article.

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