New Canaan School Board Saves February, April Vacations

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New Canaan students will have their February and April vacations next year after the school board decided to keep the break weeks. The school year will start sooner and classes will be held on Election Day and Columbus Day. Photo Credit: File

NEW CANAAN, Conn. – The weeklong February and April vacations in the New Canaan Public Schools will stay in place after the Board of Education made changes to the 2013-14 school year calendar.

The New Canaan Board of Education voted Monday to approve amendments to next school year’s schedule, keeping the full five-day breaks in February and April 2014.

The school year will begin Aug. 26 and end June 9, 2014, although it could conclude as late as June 20, 2014, because of bad weather. Weather-related school closures last year and this year prompted discussion to adjust future calendars.

Board members opted to maintain both of the breaks rather than reduce the February break to a two-day vacation as the administration recommended last month. Several New Canaan High students who went on a mission trip during last week’s school break applauded the board’s decision to maintain the February vacation.

Board Chairwoman Alison Bedula said people who contacted the board were “50-50” in maintaining the February vacation versus the April version. It is district policy to close New Canaan schools for two full weeks after the Christmas vacation and many families wanted to keep the breaks, Bedula said. “Based on the input we received, they would like to keep those two weeks of vacation. It’s valuable family time,” she said.

The district will pick up some days. Classes will be held on Oct. 14, Columbus Day, and Nov. 5, Election Day. The district will bring in additional security for the schools on Election Day. 

The board will revisit what to do with the 2014-15 calendar at a later meeting.

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