How Well Did They Plow In New Canaan?

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This man, on Stillson Road in Fairfield, was clearing out a corner to make it easier for cars to see.
This man, on Stillson Road in Fairfield, was clearing out a corner to make it easier for cars to see. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Friday's snowstorm dumped an average of 20 inches of snow in Fairfield County.


How well did the plows clear the roads in your town?

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How well did the plows clear the roads in your town?

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On many roads throughout Fairfield, snow still blocked some intersections and some roads were still down to one-lane on Sunday night.  Some Fairfield school districts have already canceled school through Tuesday.

Do you think the towns and the snow plows did a good job? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below or answering our poll.

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Comments (25)

It is interesting to see that the kind folks of Fairfield believe that because they pay taxes in the town that three feet of snow should magically disappear within a couple of hours. I noticed several things during this storm. 1. Trucks were plowing everywhere they could. 2. Even though folks were told to stay home so that plows can work and emergency services could do their job, a lot of you were out roaming around and making a mess of things for them. Some people shouldn't be driving in the snow period. I was hit by a woman who was chatting on her cell phone while she lost control of her vehicle and thrown 6 feet into a snow bank. She kept going. I am still black and blue. 3. Many parts of Fairfield have cars parked on the street, this makes it harder to plow.

If you want the plow guys to do their job, show a little patience. Major snow storms take a while to clean up. There are a lot of factors involved. When a plow is running for a while, it needs to stop for a while and idle to cool down the motor and transmission. Coolant needs to go through those moving parts or the truck will burn out. The men need to also take a break, they have been working night and day with very little rest while you are sitting on your couch with your feet up. Major amounts of snow need to be strategically placed so it can be picked up by pay loaders and trucked off to places like Lake Mohegan. You can't just plow it to the corner and leave it there. Many corners have fire hydrants which need to be visible in case of an emergency.

According to todays Minuteman, we had more snow than any other town in Fairfield County. More than Westport, Norwalk and everywhere else. Instead of moaning about the snow removal, get some hot chocolate and stay home with your family. You really don't need to be in a hurry all the time. It is not good for you and besides. What was open during the storm anyway. Everything was closed.

As to your concern "Matter of fact, I was going down Bronson Rd where there was 3-4" of snow on the road and there was a plow coming the opposite direction w/ his blade up? Really? How exactly does that remove snow. Fairly shocking."
If a truck has been plowing for a while, the driver needs to cool the transmission. This is done by lifting the plow and and putting less stress on the transmission. He was most likely doing this to save the truck from over heating. Coolant needs to flow through the transmission to keep it cool. Nothing shocking.

Thank you for your explanation, I think. When you have people coming here, saying that 3 towns did a great job and 1 didn't, that's fairly telling, imo. It's consistent, too. So, that speaks to the ability of either the snow plowers, the manner if which it was done, or something else was amiss. I also drove through Westport and encountered no difficulties there. Obviously, we've all heard about the insane problems in B-port. Granted, we had an inordinate amount of snow, but still to have as many towns w/ no problems as opposed to towns w/ as many complaints tells a story which, again, imo deserves an explanation considering we all pay taxes not only in the towns in which we reside, but the state as well. In short, some of the state monies are going to towns that didn't fare well. There needs to be an accountability.

Weston did an amazing job, too; plowed right down to the asphalt. I heard the plows going up and down the street numerous times at the height of the storm. I heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads, but did go out on Sunday after the ban was lifted and found Fairfield to be a mess much to my surprise. Matter of fact, I was going down Bronson Rd where there was 3-4" of snow on the road and there was a plow coming the opposite direction w/ his blade up? Really? How exactly does that remove snow. Fairly shocking. I passed another plow who was parked, the guy was reading a book. Granted they all need breaks, I completely get that, but to be driving along w/ the blade up does not make any sense whatsoever, especially when there's that much snow on the road.

Again, great job Weston!! Yes, I personally thanked one of the plow guys that I saw :)

Please tell your husband THANK YOU! I know these guys work very hard, long cold hours and hear alot of complaining.. we appreciate their hard work.

Fairfield residents...First I'd like to thank all the kind people who offered water, coffee, hot chocolate or some food to the DPW drivers. To all the complainers...I wish you had a family member work for DPW this storm. My better half worked from 7:00 Friday morning until 11:00 Friday night with a 1/2 lunch and a dinner break. He came home and went to sleep from 11:30pm -1:30am then got called back in. The next time I saw him was Saturday night at 7:45. Sunday he was back in for 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Those guys were not only exhausted, they had to deal with people who refused to stay off the roads or parked their cars in the road. They can't even plow or help shovel their own families out. They worked long hard hours to get yelled at or complained to by people who just don't "get it." Let's see your suited up husbands go out and do their jobs.

Norwalk DPW plows did a great job. Too bad people parking on the streets didn't help them out.

Easton Public Works knocked it out of the park. Thank you!

I have to say Fairfield did an awful job. I was "happily snowed in for all of saturday" but seriously by the time I woke up sunday I expected to be plowed out. I kept hearing that 75% of fairfield was plowed and functioning yet everyone I knew who lived in different parts of fairfield were still stuck in their homes so obviously the 75% was grossly incorrect. We were unburied by sunday afternoon not by the town of Fairfield but by a plow and frontloader crew that were connected to my neighbor two houses down. He took care of all of us in about a 10 house range. However, anywhere else to be taken care of by the town, the entire rest of the area, surrounding streets and whatnot were was only tunneled through for cars to pass through but not for any of the residents to get out of their homes. The town of fairfield finally showed up to our street about 5pm, about 3 hours too late so we didn't need them. Aside from not being able to go skiing sunday cause I was trapped at home, I am extremely grateful for my neighbor and his plows/front loader because otherwise all the town of fairfield would have done hours later was burrow a path through the road which wouldn't help any of the residents at all, just folks trying to drive through from other areas. Much of my drive to the train station this morning was pretty ugly and much of the town was still a mess. One of my friends in fairfield went out to the store and said the roads were still a mess and was going back home to stay. It just seems overall bad and I think Fairfield could have done a better job.

You folks really need to come to reality. The drivers worked and plowed as much as they could with the amount of snow that fell. Trucks need to cool down and people need to rest. You act as if there is a magic vacuum cleaner that will automatically suck up 3 feet of snow covering an entire town and that you can run out to Starbucks within minutes.

Try offering some of these guys a cup of coffee. Thank them for all of their hard work or move to Florida. Honestly. Stupidity is epidemic.

We are all very much in reality. No desire to move to Florida, love the mountains and the snow and all the seasons and whatnot. Fairifeld normally has their act together but missed the boat hugely on this one. Well I guess the plow and front loader guys got a lot of rest cause not one of us saw a DPW worker from Friday night until late Sunday afternoon when they weren’t needed any longer. I would have gladly offered a DPW worker a hot beverage and given them a handshake of thanks IF I SAW ONE which I didn't which is the point of all our comments lol. I think a DPW worker stumbled by sometime between 4 and 5pm and by this point our neighbor's plow and front loader hook up and done the job and they were well taken care of by our wonderful neighbor. The only one who gets thanked in my book are the neighbors peeps who helped us all out.

Lots of other folks on here who think Fairfield didn't do such a hot job either. Bottom line Fairfield could have done a much better job as evidenced by many surrounding towns where nothing well deserved kudos was laid out. Good job to all the other towns for taking care of everyone and thank you to my neighbor's people who took care of the 10 houses in our area. The article asked for all of our opinions and we gave it so done deal. Hopefully Fairfield will learn from this and make improvements. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

you shouldn't have been on the roads Sunday. Malloy still had a state of emergency...only emergency vehicles were suppose to be on the road. Last I heard skiing isn't an emergency.

The ban was listed at 4pm on sunday and skiing is an emergency; didnt you hear. Seriously, I believe and my point was the dumping was mostly done by saturday morning so the town had plenty of time to get their act together. My not being able to go skiing was just an aside not really the point. The point was the town had saturday day and night and even early sunday morning to plow away and they didnt. Sure blackrock and the post road were open and many of the restaurants advertised they were open and to come on down but none of us could get there cause we were trapped on side streets. The town didnt even help us sunday afternoon, a plow and frontloader connected with a neighbor is who helped out my street. The town came by at about 4pm sunday, uh too late folks, don't need ya any longer. My only regret is that we didnt leave town friday night with all the other folks to get some good skiing in. My shuttle driver in greenwich didnt even get to work monday cause he was still snowed in from our area; pretty ridiculous. Aside from that Friday and saturday was fun to be snowed in but by sunday morning more should have been done. In the sierras whenever they get snow like this they are a machine and by 7am all main roads are passable and the day goes on pretty much as normal. Towns like stratford running out of gas. I mean the whole thing was a cluster "expletive". Perhaps fairfield will learn from this and do a better job next time. One can hope.

Fairfield did an awful job.

It was a blizzard. You need to move down south. They did a terrific job and worked very hard.

I have to say this time Easton came through for their residents
They did a great job
They just need to widen certain road openings a tad bit and lower the heights of piles at some intersections
Thanks EPW

The Town of Fairfield did a complete disservice to it's tax payers this storm. It's now late Sunday evening & the roads are still an absolute MESS! As of 1:30 this afternoon, on this sunny Sunday, the District announced that school would be canceled for Monday & Tuesday...SERIOUSLY? Who is making these decisions? I'm fed up w/ everything being blamed on 'budget cuts' - our taxes certainly don't get 'cut'. This town is so poorly managed, from the BOE to the DPW! No wonder we're going bankrupt!

Easton did a fantastic job. I've been very critical in the past when storms knocked out power around our town for days on end in recent storms. But in this case, we excelled in the face of such a brutal storm. I was down in Bridgeport this afternoon to try and dig the snow out from around my office, and I had to walk half a mile just to reach the business since the streets were completely untouched. Its going to be days before the roads are clear in Bridgeport, whereas our town has responded very well. Kudos to our town crews for doing a great job!

Norwalk did a good job. However, there should be a law about not parking on the street during a storm. Idiots got their cars plowed in, and then dumped tons of snow BACK on the roads when they cleared their cars. Make public lots and school lots free, and get the cars off the roads.

Actually, Horsegirl, I believe the Mayor said that the municipal lots were free and did encourage people to use them. However, not everyone lives within easy walking distance of a municipal lot.

As for the school parking lots, that would depend on the Board of Education giving permission. The plows have to be able to clear the lots and shovel out the walkways to doors, etc. before school starts, so the vehicles would have to be moved out fairly fast. But that is something for the BOE to consider.

Weston did an amazing job!

I think Easton did a great job. Not everything is perfect, but we all were informed that it was coming, it would be a lot of snow, and everyone should have been prepared to be stuck for a few days or more. I'm so proud to live in Easton where not only does the town have the crews working, but the community all steps up and helps out.

Easton did an amazing job! Thank you

The headline reads Norwalk but the poll if for the county? I think Norwalk did fine but cant vote on the poll.