CL&P, UI Report Power Outages In Fairfield County

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All power outages were restored.

Updated at 4 p.m.: FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating were reporting a number of power outages on Thursday.

The power outages in the area, as of 5:30 p.m. Thursday, included:

  • Norwalk: 5 customers without power
  • Ridgefield: 9 customers without power, down from more than 150 earlier
  • Stamford: 4 customers without power
  • Westport: 5 customers without power
  • Wilton: 7 customers without power

It was not clear how long it would take to repair the power outages. 

Previously reported outages in Danbury, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, and Redding, have been repaired. 

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Comments (4)

SHELL NO That's High Temperatures combined with air conditioning loads ---Yuppies got to stay cool !!

Power outages pre-storm? Now that's preparation!

What do you expect Storms with No Power Outages What planet do you live on?????? Nice Job U I and C L & P getting every one back on !!!!!!!

Aint it amazing!!! A little rain and wind and the power outages have started?
Seems like the utility's WASTING our money CONTINUE without any governmental.... (MALLOY) oversight.
AND he wants to be re-elected I DONT THINK SO!!
And where is Blumenthal???? sleeping or riding the trains that don't work, Hell it wont matter because without POWER they will all STOP!!!