Court: No Immunity For Police In Fatal Drug Raid In Easton

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EASTON, Conn. -- The police departments in Easton, Darien, Wilton, Monroe and Trumbull can be sued over a 2008 police drug raid at a home in Easton that left a Norwalk man dead and the homeowner injured, reported.   

The U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the departments are not shielded by government immunity to protect them from millions of dollars in civil rights claims, reported.

On May 18, 2008, a regional SWAT team, staffed by officers from the five towns, raided Ronald Terebesi's home at 91 Dogwood Drive in Easton. His friend, Gonzalo Guizan, 33, of Norwalk, was shot to death and Terebesi was injured when police pinned him to the floor.

The towns settled a lawsuit with Mr. Guizan’s family for $3.5 million last year.

Terebesi’s lawsuit that his civil rights were violated can go forward unless the towns appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, said.

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Deceased was a dirtbag, but did not deserve to be executed. Now the dirtbag family is winning the ghetto lotto with the lawsuits; and Goldberg Inc--the lawyers-- getting half, at a minimum. Lesson here, as any experienced cop will tell you, is that you take any ticket-issuing local cop, put him in a Ninja suit, give him grenades and automatic weapons, and he will go crazy--as he has seen cop behavior in the movies. These guys should have gone in with the Kamikaze raid in Cheshire, rather than forming a disgraceful perimeter, as those women were raped and burned to death.