Man With Umbrella Charged After Ridgefield Lockdown

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Police from neighboring towns assisted the Ridgefield Police  Department in their search for a man after Ridgefield schools were locked diown.
Police from neighboring towns assisted the Ridgefield Police Department in their search for a man after Ridgefield schools were locked diown. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - After several hours of searching, the Ridgefield Police Department found and charged a Redding man in connection with the lockdown of Ridgefield schools.

A report came in to police around 8 a.m. Monday morning saying that a man wearing all black and carrying what appeared to be a rifle was walking in the area of Branchville Elementary School. 

The Ridgefield police, assisted by several other law enforcement agencies, were able to secure the area and conduct a search for the suspect. The search and sighting prompted the lockdown of all Ridgefield schools and the rerouting of Branchville students to East Ridge Middle School. 

Wilfredo Seda, 22, was charged with a breach of peace Monday afternoon, police said. According to the report, Seda had been wearing all black clothing, a watch cap and a face mask that looked like a beard. An umbrella was strapped across his back making it look like a Samurai sword.

Seda is due at Danbury Superior Court on Jan. 3, no information about bail was available.

  • 18

Comments (18)

As if all of you never made a bad judgement in your life, chill people, people in those towns are on edge right now, a little consideration, is that too much to ask? Does everything have to be a conspiracy? I had a friend tell me this was a government conspiracy, that this kid in Newtown was drugged and induced to perform these shootings, so guns could be seized just before the economic collaspe,

Are you kidding? this person should seek help

This is very typical of the Republican Police State

This is probably the most stupid story of the year. Stop and question the guy, fine with me, but why did they have to charge him?????????????????????????????????????????????

The Obama voters have now made it illegal to carry an umbrella on a rainy day. Typical misreading of a situation with the usual implementation of stupid policies.

Please tell me there is more to this story. Because it was cold (hence the clothing), and rainy (hence the umbrella), and the bearded hat's are popular these days, and to me it sounds clever to have an umbrella that you can carry on your back instead of in your hand.

What is the real reason he was charged with breach of peace? And what happened to the person that made the call resulting in a lockdown of the schools and another media storm?

He was charged because they wanted to charge somebody. It's sad but that's the way it is. We need to be very careful not to let these tragedies forget who we are. We don't arrest people "just because" in America. A strong message should be sent to both the caller AND the arresting officers.

If he didn't do anything threatening, just his dress, I agree. Also I read he was spotted coming from Portland Ave in Redding, which is where he lives. Check it out, but arrest? I have heard in this town that cops have bullied residents with threat of arrest for very petty situations. They have not carried through because it would not hold up in court. I would assume this incident would not either.

The police are historians and investigators of crimes; they seldom prevent them. Get yourself a gun (while you still can), learn how to use it--and protect yourself and your home.

Ban umbrellas, and set Federal Standards for clothing. Better still, mandate government- issued uniforms.

I assume he did something threatening toward te school or other people. Police wouldn't arrest a person for walking in the cold rain with a face mask and an umbrella. Must be more to this story.

Sure police would as many police are not trained and have the small man syndrome.

You have NO basis for that assumption. A better assumption is that if there were any additional facts they would have been disclosed in the article.

Never know could just be a wacko cop.

TT, should they stop him? Maybe. Should they issue a summons, citation, or arrest him? I think everyone knows the answer to that. Anyone with the capacity to think clearly.

So he wasnt really doing anything wrong and they arrested him anyway? These charges will get dropped. Dressing peculiarly isnt breaching the peace.

that is not the point. He had his day interrupted and he now has a burocrocary to deal with which will take more of his time. How does that look at work? And to your family friends and neighbors? And for what? So the rearward looking people can should how they are taking charge of the situation?

Nice work keeping our kids safe. The police are on high alert this week for copy cats looking to out-do Newtown. Better safe than sorry.

Sorry man...Wrong outfit at the wrong time.

We all know it was cold and rainy this morning, and that this young man's attire and umbrella both seem in order for the weather conditions. Over-reacting much?