73 Deer Killed In New Canaan In Fall Hunt, State Reports

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Photo Credit: File Photo, Vanessa Inzitari

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Hunters killed more than 10,000 deer in Connecticut in 20013, according to the latest tally from state officials. 

In total, 10,108 deer were hunted and killed in the state, including rifle kills through Dec. 12 and bow-and-arrow kills through Dec. 31, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reported. About 57 percent of the kills came through archery, according to the report.

State officials also praised the safe hunting record this past year, with 2013 marked as the third consecutive year with no hunting-related injuries involving the discharge of a firearm or bow.

In the 2013 shotgun/rifle deer harvest, a total of 4,339 deer were killed across the state. In Fairfield County, the highest tally of any single municipality by far was Newtown, where 264 deer were hunted and killed. The figure is also the highest for any municipality in the state. At the other end of the tally for Fairfield County was Bridgeport, where no deer were hunted and killed.

The following is a breakdown of some Fairfield County towns:

2013 shotgun/rifle deer harvest

  • Danbury: 15
  • Darien: 3
  • Easton: 36
  • Fairfield: 10
  • Greenwich: 10
  • New Canaan: 1
  • Norwalk: 0
  • Redding: 40
  • Ridgefield: 33
  • Stamford: 2
  • Weston: 25
  • Westport: 0
  • Wilton: 29

2013 archery deer harvest: 5,769 in state

  • Danbury: 61
  • Darien: 30
  • Easton: 82
  • Fairfield: 81
  • Greenwich: 73
  • New Canaan: 72
  • Norwalk: 18
  • Redding: 84
  • Ridgefield: 142
  • Stamford: 57
  • Weston: 55
  • Westport: 17
  • Wilton: 121

The hunt was completed with no hunting-related injuries involving the discharge of a firearm or bow, and only one such incident since 2007 in Connecticut, the state said. Only one hunting-related injury was reported in 2013 – a fall from a tree by a hunter failing to wear a safety harness, the state said.

"This level of safety is remarkable in light of more than 300,000 deer hunting permits issued and hunters spending, a cumulative total nearly 6 million days afield over that period," the state said in a statement.

“Connecticut hunters continue to be national leaders in hunting safety, due in large part to mandatory firearms and archery education programs, which have produced a safety-conscious generation of hunters,” said Rick Jacobson, director of the DEEP Wildlife Division.  “Although deer hunters enjoyed a near perfect safety record during the past six seasons, our goal has always been to have no injuries of any kind, period."

Since 1982, the Conservation Education/Firearms Safety Program has provided hunter safety courses to more than 100,000 students taught by a corps of more than 350 volunteer instructors. 

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Comments (6)

Yet another of the many reasons to ban all guns and repeat the second amendment


Further proof guns are safe when used correctly.

An optimal harvest would be one which kept the population stable at an ideal level. Right now theres too many, they exceed the carrying capacity a lot. Cant say how many are in New Canaan, though they may try, because deer don't know about municipal boundaries. A deer taken in New Canaan might have been in Wilton an hour before and Darien a day earlier. But there are plenty of deer in CT and its unlikely that hunting can reduce their numbers.

This is an interesting article--as far as it goes. How many deer are there in New Canaan and Connecticut? What percentage were killed? What would be considered an optimal "harvest"?