New Canaan Cell Phone Tower Meeting Set For May

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In January Verizon Wireless set up a pair of red balloons in New Canaan to test a potential cell phone tower location. Photo Credit: File Photo

NEW CANAAN, Conn. — New Canaan will have its chance to share its concerns and worries regarding a potential cell phone tower with the Utilities Commission on May 9.


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The town wants to add a cell phone tower primarily because of dropped or unanswered emergency phone calls due to bad reception, a news release from the Utilities Commission said. There has also been two deaths during motor vehicle accidents where calls went to dispatchers in other towns who then had to relay the call to New Canaan before a response was made, the release said.

“One missed 911 call is too many!” the release said.

Police and fire personnel have also reported having bad radio reception in the areas where there is poor cell phone reception, the release said. Any new cell tower will have the ability to add police and fire radio antennas to bolster reception as well, the release said.

The long range goal of the commission is to improve cell phone service to 80 percent or more reliability, the release said. Currently it is around 25 percent reliability.

The site of a new cell phone tower will be decided by the service provider, not the commission or town officials, the release said. However people can make recommendations and potential sites will be evaluated before being decided upon, the release said.

The meeting will start out with introductions from officials on the commission, cell phone providers, and others before being opened to the public. The commission describes it as a “good old fashion information exchange,” in the release.

The meeting will take place in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School, 11 Farm Road, at 7:30 p.m.

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