Norwalk's Peter Willcox, Other Greenpeace Activists Head For Home

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Captain Peter Willcox, a Norwalk native, is en route back to the United States after being released by Russian authorities. Photo Credit: Kirill Andreev/Greenpeace

NORWALK, Conn. -- Norwalk native Peter Willcox, captain of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, has officially been released along with the rest of his crew by Russian authorities and is en route back to the United States.

Willcox and his crew, dubbed the "Arctic 30" by Greenpeace, were held in Russian prison for 100 days after staging a protest near a Russian oil rig in the Arctic Ocean before they were granted amnesty on hooliganism charges earlier this month.

Click here to read more about the continuing story of Willcox and his crew.

The Daily Voice will have more on Willcox when he returns to America.

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Comments (6)

Broad River:

What happened to the boat? I wonder how much dock fees will be, not to mention the tow! How are they getting home? Hopefully not on the nickel and dime donations of well intentioned children ! Think next time before you decide to board a foreign owned platform to drape a banner no one will ever read.
They're embarrassing !

Tony G:


Broad River:

Don't we have enough hooligans here? Send him to Hooligan's Island..
On what basis Jim J. do you find this fellow a hero?

Jim J:


Greenbeanie: plastic hippies everywhere. Get the tar and feathers ready, and let's give him a parade!


I'm sure getting that new visa stamp and passing thru airport control in Moscow made you appreciate the good old usa.

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