Foreclosures On The Rise In Connecticut In 2013

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Connecticut is one of 10 states that saw foreclosure rates increase in 2013.
Connecticut is one of 10 states that saw foreclosure rates increase in 2013. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Most of the country may be recovering from the housing crisis, but Connecticut remains one of 10 states that saw a rise in foreclosures in 2013, according to The Hartford Courant.

The Nutmeg State ranked seventh-highest in the country in concentration of residential properties with foreclosure filings. Connecticut comes in at one in every 74 versus the national average of one in every 94, The Courant reported. 

The other nine states that saw foreclosures increase in 2013 were: Arkansas, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington, according to The Courant. 

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  • 27

Comments (27)

The republicans are the party of destruction

I agree GTR

everyone is losing their houses because Bush destroyed the economy paying for 2 wars started on lies on credit.

everyones losing their houses because they got themselves into mortgages they couldn't afford. personal responsibility, blame yourself.

Wrong again wacko.. People are losing their houses because of the depression caused by the war criminal Republican Bush.. Thankfully Obama is continuing to repair the damaged causrd by the criminal Republican Bush..
Why is it the wacko right wingers hate facts?

We are still seeing the fallout from the Republicans Bush and the Republican Rell

oh shut up-typical liberal deflect the blame. the fact is obama promised recovery and all he's succeeded in doing is putting the country into debt. fact is he created more debt in his 1st term than any other president in history.

I see another wacko right winger forgot to take its meds... They just hate facts....

Your post is correct

just stating the facts. hes put this country further in debt than any other president. go collect your welfare check

Oh please.. What you are stating queen is the lies and propaganda from the far right wing wacko blogs.

This is the Obama recovery

In the zip code of our community, a popular home-valuation website lists 112 homes for sale, of which 28 are 'distressed' (pre-foreclosure, pre-foreclosure auction, etc). Researching some of the properties sold recently, some exchanged hands at lower prices than they were valued at more than ten years ago before the recession. I know a couple of homeowners who are experiencing concerns with their mortgages. (For those who are keeping score politically, the town is on its second Republican Selectman.) 'Recovery' is not a word on everyone's lips.

Clearly the result of the republican Rowland and the republican Rell

All because of the near depression caused by the republican war criminal Bush.

As enjoyable as it may be for you to blame everything on Bush, it's important to realize that President Carter the Community Reinvestment Act (1977) laid the foundation for the mortgage fiasco via Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

The wacko right wingers are now going back almost 40 years in a lame attempt to blame a democrat for the republican screw ups...SAD

True seems that's the best the right wingers can do

They have medication for these delusions.

Are you having problems with the truth

But.. but.. we elected the best governor in the country who was supposed to save this state. What gives?

Wonder why we don't hear Malloy, Duff & the rest boasting about this. More than most things they, the Democrats in Hartford, are responsible for our financial issues. Thanks guys!